We make your business grow

We enhance the business potential of our clients.

About us

Our philosphy

All employees, collaborators, partners, and clients of J. Dauman Group share the awareness that the greatest strength lies in the ability to influence the surrounding reality.

We implement this idea in practice in three areas:

Creating unique business value for clients:

Value alignment is a key factor for J. Dauman Group when deciding to establish new partnerships. Whether it’s a sole proprietorship, a 10-employee company, or an international corporation, if we share the aspiration to reach increasingly challenging goals and mutual trust, we are confident that we can achieve something exceptional together.
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Creating an environment for growth:

The role of J. Dauman Group, its companies, and partners is to create a work environment where employees are eager and have the space to explore their own boundaries. From day one, we encourage taking on new challenges and designing one’s own career path. We strive to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in our colleagues because their entrepreneurship not only enables us to better understand and anticipate the needs of our clients but, above all, it encourages continuous self-improvement.

Adaptation to change:

Our history dates to 1948 when the first accounting firm was established in post-war London. Thanks to the people we have encountered over these 75+ years, our Group now also encompasses advisory, legal, and logistics expertise.
Throughout our journey, we have witnessed numerous social and economic changes. Through practice, we have come to understand that every change represents a window of new business opportunities. We have learned to perceive upcoming changes faster than others and leverage that knowledge for the benefit of our clients, partners, and employees.
We pass on this openness and readiness for adaptation to the next generations of our employees. We show them that to effectively implement our mission of making their business grow, it is first necessary to embrace the lesson of “Together, we grow.” In today’s world, combining collective competencies creates new value and increases our potential.
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The idea

Business is about people and the connections between them.

In addition to a wide range of advisory services, J. Dauman Group provides its clients with access to a network of contacts built over decades in the British, European, and global business world. This way, the ideas of the Group’s clients are quickly and directly presented to those who can genuinely support the realization of even the boldest goals.
We support small, medium, and large companies, as well as the largest international corporations. We provide access to expert knowledge in one place, in collaboration with our partners. Accounting and financial services, legal services, logistics, consulting, networking – J. Dauman Group is a holistic support ecosystem for businesses and entrepreneurs.
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Our Goal

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We are changing the world of business

We have built the first platforms of cooperation between London’s City and multicultural communities, whose intense development in the United Kingdom’s capital occurred after the end of World War II. Many clients with whom J. Dauman established relationships during that period continue to collaborate with us, not only in the British market.
Today, J. Dauman Group also builds bridges of understanding and restores predictability where its absence hindered business development. Whether we are helping to rebuild supply chains in the 6th largest economy after Brexit or initiating new investments in Central and Eastern Europe.

We utilize

our knowledge to change

the world together

with our clients.